Adult Theater Locations

So where can you find a porn theater where couples may go to play?  Here are a few that I know of, listed by state. The list will continue to grow as I find more.


Secrets Theater 

10601 San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito, CA 

Secrets in Oakland has now closed. They are encouraging couples to visit this location in El Cerrito, which has a couples-friendly theater.

Jolar Theater 
6321 University Blvd.
San Diego, CA


Art Theater 
255 Franklin Ave,
Hartford, CT

One of the cleanest adult theaters in the country. Well-maintained and very couple friendly. Many of the couples use the balcony, which is restricted to couples only, but more than a few wander down to the main floor where the management has kindly installed some lighting in an area designated for couples who want to put on a show, or play with others. Curious couples should definitely put this place on their radar. Great management, very couples oriented.


Pure Pleasure Adult Megacenter 
6810 US 301
Orange Heights, FL
(approx. 10 miles east of Gainesville at intersection of 301 and 26)

This is an out of the way spot, but worth a visit if you are near the area. Management is couple-friendly, the theater is comfortably laid out with several well-upholstered leather love seats, and couples are not at all unusual. Weekend nights are best, of course, but I have seen couples in here on weeknights and during the afternoon. Entry is $20.

Fantasyland II
5006 Grady Ave 
Tampa, FL

This has been a great place to play for years, and it has only improved since it became affiliated with the original Fantasyland. Your $19 admission fee gets you access to both, large, theater areas and the pool room/lounge area. There is a separate admission fee for the video booths. Both theaters are comfortably arranged with large sofas and a variety of loungers, chairs and tables. One of the rooms even has some BDSM equipment and a cage if you are into that sort of thing. Along both theaters are a series of smaller, private rooms, set up with futons and gloryholes (which can be left open or closed) for those who prefer a little more privacy in their play.

FL 2 isn't as busy as it's big sister, Fantasyland, but the crowd that comes here is more laid back. While the original may see younger, hotter women (as a rule), here you will find couples that know why they are here and more likely to play (and to invite others).

By the way, getting a ticket at either Fantasyland location lets you upgrade to the other for only $10 and you can happily drift back and forth between the two all night long since they are literally two minutes apart.

4715 North Lois Avenue
Tampa, FL

The best adult theater in Tampa at this time, and one of the best in the country. Actually, it is a collection of theaters. Several private rooms offer a comfortable place for couples and small groups to play. Most have gloryholes opening to the adjacent private room. The main theater is large, and filled with very comfortable couches. The pool room offers a place to get acquainted (and to enjoy some nice exhibitionism) and there are video booths with Gloryholes for those who are interested. Admission is $19 and worth every penny, since this is one of the busiest theaters for couples in the country.

I have written about some of my experiences at Fantasyland (and its previous names) here.

Playhouse Adult Theater
4421 North Hubert Avenue 
Tampa, FL 

A shadow of its former self. 

Read some of my experiences at the Playhouse "back in the day".


Buford Hwy Twin Theater - CLOSED
5805 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340-2432

I have seen, and participated in, some very good action here over the years.


15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater
2125 N 15th Ave
Melrose Park, IL 60160

One of the most wide open adult theaters in the country right now. More like a swing club than a traditional theater.

Deja Vu Love Boutique

3220 Lake Plaza Drive
Springfield IL, 62703


Theatair X
4505 State Road 31
Clarksville, IN

Big bookstore with video booths (some have gloryholes) and two small theaters. One is usually gay, the other straight. Most Saturdays one of the theaters is couples only and that is your best time to meet a couple, though they do wander in at other times.

CT's Adult Super Store
4620 Industrial Hwy
Gary, IN 


DC's Video

Horse Cave, KY

This bookstore/booth/theater combo sits in an abandoned mall at exit 58 of I-65, about 45 miles northeast of Bowling Green. Be aware, smoking is allowed inside the building. The retail area is nice, large and well lit. The same cannot be said for the booth/theater area. You will feed a machine $20 to get complete access to two theaters and a series of large booths. One theater is gay, the other is straight. While the theater is couple-friendly and there are apparently a number of regulars who frequent the place to play with others, the condition of the building, the broken down furniture and the lack of cleanliness would undoubtedly keep most couples away.

2004 Bookstore
2004 Family Circle
Lexington, KY

Small bookstore with a limited retail area. Theater and video booths are accessible by feeding an automatic bill machine. Entry to each area is separate. Theater is definitely couple friendly, though it is not very large. Approximately 6 couches and two upholstered chairs fill the room. In my experience, couples are fairly common and the crowd is respectful.


Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Iberville Drive,
Biloxi, MS

New Jersey

Berlin News Agency
520 New Jersey 73
Berlin Township, NJ

Looking for a "sure thing"? Well, there isn't one when it comes to porn theater sex, but this place is about as close as you will get. Set up with the requisite retail area and video arcade, the real show is in the theater area. $10 gets you in (only once, so plan accordingly) and gives you access to a small, traditional theater set up, as well as a series of smaller "screening rooms" divided by 5-foot high walls (the better to see over) and surrounded with padded benches. In the middle of the benches is a solid, padded table. Now its up to you to use your imagination. Couples and single females are frequent visitors here.

New York

Adult World
275 Columbia Turnpike 
Rensselaer, NY

North Carolina

Carolina Video Exchange
2308 North Chester Street
Gastonia, NC

An extensive retail area is clean, well-stocked and brightly lit. They have a fairly wide selection of lingerie and shoes (think strippers) as well as hundreds of vibrators, dildos, lotions, BDSM supplies and more. Your lady will like this store. In the back are three theaters, all spotless, and a series of private rooms that you can rent by the hour. Blinds on the windows lets you enjoy privacy or release your inner exhibitionist while still keeping some distance between you and the masses.

The couples have returned to CVE. Although many of them stay in the new, large couples room, several venture out for a more public experience in the general theaters. Couples are given free access to the general theaters on Wednesday and Sundays.

Read some of my experiences at the CVE.

Laura's Video & Etc
4008 W Franklin Blvd
Gastonia, NC

Recently remodeled, though it still can't compete with CVE, which is just a few miles away. Couples are scarce here.

Pegasus Video
6804 Davis Cir.
Raleigh, NC 27613

Annabelle's Adult Supercenter
3804 N Patterson Ave
Winston-Salem, NC

Well laid out with two theaters, private rooms (available for rent) and a dozen or so video booths, most with gloryholes. First Saturday night of each month is couples night, and couples do come, though the level of play, particularly in the public areas, seems very limited.

A video tour of Annabelle's
Read some of my experiences at Annabelle's


Westwood Theater of the Arts
1602 Sylvania Ave
Toledo, OH

A large theater that has been refurbished and remodeled into a private club (they emphasize that point heavily) that caters to couples who are into the theater sex scene. The lobby/lounge area is less than impressive, but the rest of the place merits attention. Separate entry fees get you into the arcade area or the theater. A nice section with comfy couches at the back of the theater is for couples only, but there is plenty of room for viewing and even audience participation. A recent addition is the VIP section for couples: an elevated, well-lit room at the back of the theater with large windows all the way across the front, allowing exhibitionists to put on shows for the grateful audience below.


Oregon Theater
3530 SE Division St 
Portland, OR 

Paris Theater - CLOSED

6 SW 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR

Was one of the best theaters in the country for porn theater sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism and even the occasional orgy. Recently closed.

South Carolina

Chateau Exxxperience
4343 Dorchester Road,
North Charleston, SC


Cinema One Club

4100 Rossville Boulevard
Chattanooga, TN 37407

A big old barn of a theater, lined with church pews. An adjacent couples-only theater is more comfortable and allows couples to play alone while still being seen through the large windows that line one wall. Your admission price also allows entry into the video booth area. No gloryholes here, but the booths are large enough to accommodate small parties and the absence of doors lets everyone have a nice view of the action.

I've done more watching than participating at Cinema One.


Lido Adult Theater
7035 John W Carpenter Freeway
Dallas, TX


Waverly Books and Video
111 S County Dr.
Waverly, VA

$20 entry fee (free for couples) gives you complete access to video booths, private rooms and a small comfortable theater. Retail area out front has a modest selection of toys and discounted DVDs. Although this place is off the beaten path, couples action is fairly regular. Worth the drive.

I've had some fun at this place. Read about it here.

West Virginia

Rt. 35 Adult Bookstore and XXX Theater 
1651 US Hwy 35 N.
Pliny, WV