A Video Tour of Annabelles in Winston-Salem, NC

For those of you who can't imagine what the inside of an adult theater looks like, the good folks at Annabelles in Winston-Salem, NC have put together this little video. They walk you through the entire place twice. The first time, all the lights are on to give you a good look.

 You will notice some windows with mini-blinds at the back of the theater. Those are private rooms with lockable doors. Couples use them when they want some privacy, or when they want to give a show but still stay at a safe distance from the crowd. Yes, that is a strippers pole. I have seen it put to good use on more than one occasion. No, there are no strippers, just customers with an exhibitionistic streak! Out back, behind the booths is an enclosed smoking area.

 The second walk through is much darker, which is a more realistic view. That's the way you will find it when you visit. Of course, the store area is always well lit and well staffed.


  1. nice but I prefer GAY sex

    1. Um... OK. Lot's of places on the web to find whatever you might be looking for.