Classy Lady Plays at the CVE in Gastonia, NC

If you are new to the world of porn theater sex, there are a number of rules and guidelines that you should be aware of. Of course, there are exceptions to all the rules and couples that don't always follow the generally-accepted guidelines.

Let's take the matter of dress, for instance. I am referring to the way that women dress, of course. Nobody cares about what the guys wear. It is a generally accepted principle that women who come into a porn theater wearing micro-mini skirts, see-through blouses or tank tops with the word "Slut" across the front are ready to start - and finish - the party. Conversely, a woman in comfortable jeans and a sweatshirt is probably just there to watch the movie.

As I said. There are exceptions to every rule. Take, for example, a couple I watched last Friday at Carolina Video Exchage (CVE) in Gastonia.

I don't get to CVE that often anymore. Frankly, there isn't that much to go for anymore since things have changed so much over the past year. But I found myself in the area and figured I would give it a shot.  The crowd was fairly small, all male and most seemed to be more interested in one another than the potential of a female showing up.

Another well-dressed babe having
fun in a porn theater.
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I was just getting settled into my seat when she came in. Tall, sophisticated, mid-40's with perfectly styled hair, she turned heads. She was clinging to the arm of her man. That fact and the fact that her outfit was dressier than most anything I have seen in a porn theater would have normally indicated that they would have stayed a few minutes and then quickly left. However, I have seen them before and knew that we were in for a good show and perhaps more.

She was wearing a form fitting black skirt that ended just above the knee with a snug blouse that buttoned up the front. She left it open just a bit on top, revealing a pretty necklace and even prettier cleavage. Her hose were black, as were her heels. Truthfully, with one more button closed she could have looked like one of those corner office types at your job or an upscale real estate agent. Maybe they had been out to dinner, maybe they were coming home from a late night at the office. Wherever they had been, judging by they way they were dressed,  it looked like the theater was an afterthought. Or maybe it was just a part of their game.

They settled into the row behind me, on the other side of the aisle. My view wasn't bad. As was to be expected, the others guys in the place - at least those that weren't looking for male companionship - moved to get the best views. A couple guys behind them. Two more in the row ahead of them and a black guy on the aisle seat of the row behind me, directly across from them.

As they watched the movie, they shared those quiet whispers and smiles that comfortable couples do. These weren't nervous first timers. They seemed be enjoying the scene on the screen and were not bothered by the guys around them stealing glances and hoping for more.

When that scene ended she leaned forward and over to his seat to kiss him. They kissed long and slowly. I watched his hand move to her thigh and saw her legs part just a bit. As they increased the heat and her legs began to spread wider, one of the guy sin front of them reached over to touch. She immediately responded with a finger wag. He wisely retreated.

Slowly, as they continued to kiss, her legs were opened wider and wider until her left leg was on his lap. Her skirt had ridden up now, revealing the fact that she was actually wearing black, thigh-high stockings. Makes you wonder about that woman in the corner office, doesn't it?

He laid her back in her seat and moved his hand directly to her crotch. While my view wasn't perfect, it was apparent that he had moved to her pussy and had begun to finger fuck her. She started to moan, burying her head into his shoulder as he expertly found the right spots to bring her to the brink. Just before she got there, Mr. Grabhands in the front row reached over again. When he touched her thigh she sat up straight and pushed his hands away.  Her man looked at Grabhands and said, "If you touch again, the only thing you will see will be our tail lights".

I thought that was a pretty good line. No screaming. Not even any anger in his voice. Just matter of fact enough that you knew he was serious. Then he went back to work on his ladies pussy, bringing her to what appeared to be a very, satisfying orgasm.

When she finished cumming, he leaned back into his seat, leaving her glistening pussy exposed for all of us to see. She reached for the hand that he had used on her and made a nice show of licking the pussy juices off his finger. My dick twitched.

About that time a second couple entered the theater and came all the way down to the front row, where I was sitting. She was wearing those jeans and that sweatshirt I mentioned earlier and showed little interest in anything that was going on. Her man turned to watch the couple with the rest of us.

He was just in time to see her reaching for his buckle and with a little assistance from him pulled his cock out. She leaned over and began to suck his cock. Since he was on her left, closer to the aisle, we got an excellent view! Her blowjob was slow and deep and deliberate. In fact, she made eye contact with me, the male half of the couple and the black guy behind us as she sucked him. I noticed the black guy had his cock out and was stroking it in plain view of the lady. She watched him while she blew her man, taking him all the way down her throat on a couple of occasions. She probably blew him for 15 minutes, during which time couple number two left the theater.

Eventually, he went back to work on her pussy.  This time she began unbuttoning that sexy but professional blouse she was wearing. Her tits looked amazing, framed in a classy black bra. He played with them as he fingered her, but for my money, the show was better when she was fondling her own tits while he fingered her spread pussy deep, sending her to another loud, profanity-laced orgasm.

When she regained her composure, they pulled themselves back together, kissed and walked out. I noticed she smiled at the black guy as she passed him. As is the custom at CVE when a couple that is doing something leaves, all the guys followed them out. As we were hoping, they turned right at the theater exit and headed toward the video booths. I wasn't lucky enough to land a booth next to them. The black guy was. And 10 minutes later or so we all watched him move from his booth to join them in theirs. Judging by her happy moans and "words of encouragement" over the next 20 minutes or so, she was very well taken care of in there. I suspect the guys were, too.

All in all, it was a very pleasant visit to CVE. The action may not be what it used to be, but you can still find an exception to the rules every once in a while.


  1. We have been there a couple times.. she really loves the attention

  2. My wife really loves the attention she gets there.. we will be back there soon

  3. We would love to go there and meet another couple,seems like it would be fun

    1. Hi - we are new to the area . Any tips or advise reg when to attend the theater ? Just looking for any particular days where more cpls attend ? My wife will not be interested if its just single guys ....

    2. As you might imagine, weekend nights are best. One of the advantages to CVE is the couples theater and the rental rooms. Singles are not allowed in the couples theater, which is very large and comfortable. So if you want space - or privacy - you can always get it there. On the other hand, if you like the idea of an audience but don't want them TOO close, you can use rent one of the rooms off the theaters,and leave the blinds open. Many couples move back and forth between the regular theater and the couples room as the whim hits them.


  4. Hi - we are totally new to the Charlotte area . Is this theater open all days or specific days . Also any particular days that draws couples ?

    1. See my earlier reply...

      Theater is open every day. They used to let couples in the general theaters for free on Sundays and Wednesdays. I think you had to pay $5 for the couples theater on those days. Not sure if that policy is still in effect or not.

  5. Thanks Ray . Good to hear there is a couples theater were singles are not allowed . Hopefully that is enforced . Was not sure if the place was still open and we guess it is still open and in business . Hopefully we will make it one day .

  6. Went this past weekend for the first time. There is no couples room that we could find.

    1. Seriously? It was still there a couple of weeks ago when I was last in the place. Did you ask about it? It's not back with the other theaters. It's directly off the sales floor up front.

  7. If any any of you happen to go please check if the couples theater still exits - much appreciated ! also posts any comments from your visits so that we know how it is these days at CVE .

  8. Will today be a good day to go