Laura's First Time

When I was a young man, sex was all about the conquest and the climax. Mostly the latter. When you are young and dumb and full of cum, all you can think about is unloading. So you chase until you get a willing partner and then fuck like a running back, headed for the goal line. No points for style or patience or subtlety. It's all about falling into the end zone, panting and sweaty. This, of course, is why so many 20 year-olds rarely get a second date.

As I have matured, I have found the subtleties and the details of my encounters to be the hottest part of the equation. Yes, I still love to cum, of course, but some things that can happen along the way can drive me to greater climaxes. Some guys are turned on by feet, or fishnets, or ropes or paddles. For me, I love the process of transformation from nervous innocent, to total slut. Seeing the Sunday School Teacher become the Gang Bang Queen is my ultimate thrill.

I had been chatting with a married woman that I met through an online service that caters to married women looking for an affair. What I had hoped would be a quick, torrid affair with a knowing but discreet woman had turned into a pen pal relationship. Lots of emails, even more IM sessions and a couple of phone calls. What I had learned about Laura was that she was inexperienced, very curious, and terrified that someone would find out. On a couple of occasions I was headed to her part of the country and suggested that we meet for coffee. Both times she agreed, and then backed out. Both times I told myself to move on. But her conversation was fun, and I held out the slightest hope that one day we might be able to make something happen.

When she told me that she was going to Louisville, Kentucky for a few days I pounced on the opportunity. Out of town. Unknown to everyone. And there just happens to be an X-Rated theater in the neighborhood. The best I could do was get her to commit to coffee at a very public Starbucks.

She was as pleasant in person as she was in the cyberworld. I had seen a couple of pictures of her, fully clothed, so I had some idea of what she looked like. I was not disappointed in what I saw when I finally saw her. Late 30's, maybe 40. Tall, lean, short light brown hair cut in that professional/mom style. Her clothes and her ride told me that she and hubby did alright for themselves. Coffee led to a walk, some serious flirting and a very lovely two hours in her hotel room. She literally trembled as I peeled her clothes off of her. I was honored to be her second.

I had done my best to coax her to the theater. After all, we had talked about public sex and theater play at length over the past months. But she would not be convinced. I left her hotel that evening satisfied with a very pleasant experience with an attractive, intelligent woman and figured that would be that.

The phone woke me at 5 the next morning. It was her. She had told me that she was leaving town that day, and my plans were to do the same. She said that she had been awake most of the night, thinking about me. I figured the guilt was setting in. I was wrong.

"I was wondering about that theater," she said.

Turns out she had fibbed about her departure, wanting to give herself a way to get rid of me, should it be necessary. "My husband doesn't expect me back until tomorrow. I thought... if you still wanted to... that we could go to the theater today when it won't be so crowded." My cock stiffened and we made plans to meet for brunch and a trip to the theater.

She wore jeans and an expensive tank top to lunch. She asked if it was adequate for the theater.

"It depends."

"On what?"

Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair"On how far you want to go. How much of your fantasy you want to explore. You look great and what you have on would be just fine. But if you were thinking about taking advantage of the situation, you might want to consider something else."

"The situation?"

"Well," I continued, "you're out of town, there is a theater nearby, you have an escort. Who knows the next time you will get this chance. Besides, didn't you tell me that it would turn you on to dress like a slut, just once?"

She blushed and there was a visible stiffening in her nipples. I called for the check and led her to my car. Without another word I took her to the mall. Before we left, she slipped into a restroom to change. Black plaid miniskirt, red blouse (buttoned way too high, but we fixed that on the way to the theater) tucked tightly into her skirt, black silk thigh highs and four inch heels. No underwear.

When we got to the car I slid my hand between her thighs. She was already soaked.

The Theataire X is an old drive in. The building that had been used for projection and concessions has been converted into an adult bookstore, with peeps and two small theaters. Usually they play straight movies on one side, gay videos on the other. I believe they have occasional couples nights. After spending a few minutes looking at toys and videos - and letting the guys in the store get an eyeful of Laura's lean, tall frame wrapped neatly in her sexy outfit, I paid the entry and we moved into the theater.

There are only 30 seats or so in the place; a few wide rows in front of a large screen. I was surprised to see another couple there.They were young, early twenties or so. The girl's blouse was open enough for her man to be feeling her up, but nothing else. She wore jeans and looked warily at us when we came in. There were five or six men in the place, all seated where they hoped they would catch a glimpse of the girl in the back row or - better yet - an invitation from her.

I led Laura to the second row, giving her the aisle seat on the extreme left, taking the seat next to her. I figured it would keep the locals from sitting next to her and scaring her off. The younger girl was on the extreme right side, a couple of rows behind us. Three guys followed us in from the store, taking up seats in the front row.

We watched the movie for a bit, waiting for Laura to relax. I kept my arm around her and eventually began to caress her shoulder, rubbing the fingers of my other hand gently up and down her leg. I could feel her relaxing. I turned and kissed her neck, asking her if she was OK. She nodded.

"Ready to play?" I asked.

"Just a little, OK?"

I unbuttoned a button on her blouse, exposing her the tops of her breasts completely. Then I began to rub her tits through the fabric of her shirt. Her nipples were like pebbles. The guys began to strain for a better view and I was afraid that she might bolt. She didn't. In fact, she looked around a bit to see what her audience looked like.

I opened the remaining buttons on her blouse, pulling her shirt up and out of the waistline of her skirt and immediately began to suck her firm tits and tease those nipples. She groaned and reached for my lap. She squeezed my cock as I exposed her to the room. Eventually her skirt was around her waist and her long legs were spread wide, allowing me to play with her swollen button and soaked slit as the strangers watched. I coaxed her to her first, small orgasm.

My cock was out now and she leaned over to suck it, but the arm of the seat made that awkward, so I stood in front of her. She didn't hesitate. She loved sucking my cock, peering around the room to see the effect she was having on the men. Some of them moved closer, trying to get a better view. When they did, they obstructed the view of the young couple in the back. Frankly, I had forgotten about them. The girl looked a little nervous about getting too close to the other men in the room, but she was straining to see, so I invited them into our row. Surprisingly, the men had left the seats all around us open. She sat just to the right of my unoccupied seat, he sat to her right. They watched intently as Laura sucked my dick.

As she did, a guy behind her began to touch. Gently, at first, testing the waters. She did not object, so he slowly moved his hands around her neck and slid them down to her tits. She moaned on my cock as he began to squeeze them and roll her nipples between his fingers. Emboldened, I suppose by the first guy, another man stepped up to my right, in the aisle, his cock in his hand, hard and ready.

Again, I thought this might put her over the edge and end our visit, but to my surprise, she reached for it, stroking his cock as she sucked mine. Of course that created a stir from the other watchers and they began to gently encourage her and tell her how hot she looked.

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I knelt in front of her, spreading her legs. The scent of her pussy was strong. Her thighs were gleaming from the cunt juices. As I touched her clit with my tongue, she came again. Within a minute, another orgasm was rollling out of her. I felt her weight shift and looked up to see her sucking the cock of the man in the aisle. I took my seat once again, sandwiched between her and the younger girl. Two men immediately reached over from the front row and began to rub her legs reaching for her pussy. She spread her legs to give them access.

I turned to check out the other couple. The girl still had her blouse slightly unbuttoned. Otherwise, they were completely dressed. I introduced myself, they told me their names and the guy asked if his lady could blow me. A gentleman never refuses a lady. I stood in front of her to give her easier access. She was very good, with a mouth that seemed to be bottomless. I watched Laura blowing two cocks to my right, then closed my eyes to fully enjoy the sensation. I opened them when I heard one of the guys cumming. He blew his load all over her tits and she promptly began rubbing it in, which caused the other guy to unload.

Laura then reached over and played with my balls with the younger girl continued to work on my shaft. Within a minute, they were passing my cock back and forth between them.

Then it happened. Something so completely unexpected that I nearly lost it. They kissed. A hot soccer mom and young chick barely out of her teens swapping tongues at the end of my cock. Laura slid into "my" seat and I moved to take the one on the aisle she had been sitting in.

It was as though a switch had been flipped inside of her. She kissed the girl deeply, her hands exploring every inch of her body. She nearly ripped the buttons off of the shirt to get access to her full tits. The girl had to be a D cup. She licked and kissed and sucked those wonderful boobs while the men in the room could do nothing but enjoy the show and jerk off. Soon those jeans were sliding out of the way and Laura was getting her first taste of pussy. The seating was a little too awkward for that, and neither of the girls wanted to get on the floor. Understandable indeed.

Eventually, Laura turned her attention back to me and we fucked in that seat. Sort of a "modified reverse cowgirl". As she slid up and down on my cock, she jerked the dicks of the guys in front of her. Occasionally the other girl would lean over and squeeze my balls or rub Laura's clit. After a bit, I stood her up, had her kneel on the seat facing the back of the room and stepped up behind her. I pounded her box hard listening to her cum, using language her husband has probably never heard come out of her mouth. I blew my load and fell away. Laura let two others take my place before she determined that she had had enough.

Our young friend never took his cock out and I didn't get to fuck his girl, but numbers were exchanged and I am looking forward to that privilege. But I don't think it could possibly match what I experienced that night. As Laura told me excitedly in the car, she sucked 7 men and fucked two others, I couldn't help but think of that nervous mom from Ohio who was afraid to even meet me for coffee.

I guess she got over it. I'm glad I was there to see it happen.

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