Introducing Amy to Porn Theaters

I met "John and Amy" through a mutual friend. Actually, I met John when a bunch of us got together to watch a playoff game many, many years ago. We got along well and found out that both of us were just learning the game of golf and decided to get together some time for a round. Men can talk about a lot of things on the golf course, but sooner or later the conversation turns to women in general and sex in particular. I found out that John was married. He found out that I was seeing a couple of different women so my sex life seemed to be a frequent topic of conversation.

Early on in our friendship, I was reluctant to tell him everything that I was into, but eventually I told him about my interest in porn theaters. He had been to a couple, but couldn't believe that the things I (vaguely) described  that went on. I told him to take his wife sometime and check it out for himself. He told me, almost predictably, that there was no way his wife would agree to that.  So it was that John and I began visiting a few local theaters together from time to time.

We were fortunate to see a few ladies on those visits. Even more fortunately we got to play with a couple of them. I even invited him along one night when Wanda and I went together. As much as he seemed to enjoy the scene he kept talking about getting his wife there. He surprised me one day by inviting me to his home for dinner. He wanted me to meet Amy. No "funny business", as he put it, just dinner.

Wife Fucks in a Porn Theater for 12 Bucks

I walked into the Playhouse in Tampa behind them. She was about 5'6", early 40's, dirty blonde hair and a decent figure. She wore a knee length dress that swayed nicely when she walked. They paused at some of the displays in the front of the place, but I went straight to the counter and paid my entrance fee for the theaters and then ducked into the main room. The boys inside had already spotted her, of course, and were beginning to jockey for position. I took my place along the wall, just a few feet away from the door.

Within five minutes they were in the room. They stepped into the large, open space in the back, allowing their eyes to adjust to the darkness.


Live Sex Show in a Chattanooga Porn Theater

Those of us "of a certain age" can still remember live sex shows. They came in two forms. First were the peep shows with "Live Nude Girls" behind the glass. (That always struck me as better than the alternative, once you think about it.) In some cases, these girls did their thing on a stage surrounded by small windows that opened into peep booths where men would drop money into a machine that would give them a peek for a minute or two. Generally the girls just stripped. Some masturbated.

More popular were the one-on-one booths where you not only saw a girl, but you got to chat with her on the phone, telling her what do do and listening to her talk dirty while she fucked herself. In some towns, there was even an opening in the glass for more "interactive" enjoyment.

Harder to find in most of the country were shows that involved men and women. Sometimes it happened behind the protection of glass. Other times, most notably in NY and San Francisco, the show was on an open stage. I have been fortunate enough to witness some audience participation shows in Mexico and Japan. I thought those days were long gone, but I was treated to a nice trip down memory lane a few nights ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at the Cinema One Adult Theater.

Handjob at the Todd

Some things in the city of Tampa have been fixtures for years, like the Playhouse Theater where men have been bringing their wives for porn theater sex forever. Other things are in a constant state of change. Like that other Drew Park theater that seems to change names as frequently as Kim Kardashian changes fuck partners. The only name that comes to my mind today is Red Rooster, though it hasn't been known by that name for years.

The Todd falls somewhere in between. It has been a Tampa Adult Entertainment mainstay for decades, although it, too, has gone through some changes over the years. Today it is a first rate, brightly-lit adult shop where giggling girls, shopping for bachelorette party gifts, will roam the aisles as freely as horny guys looking for some cheap smut to take home to jack off to. Years ago, it was one of the nicest adult theaters in town.

I was in the theater on a Thursday night, around 8, waiting for the area strip clubs to warm up. In those days several of the clubs offered "bed dances." That's another story. I was about two-thirds of the way back on the right side, watching some decent porn when a husband and wife came in. They did the obligatory pause at the back of the theater, surveyed the room as their eyes adjusted and then made their way down the aisle, stopping at the row directly behind me.


Brenda Plays with a Couple at CVE

Brenda is a petite little thing that I had played with a couple of times over the course of ayear or so. I found her online, enjoyed a few cyber sessions with her that told me she had a very dirty mind for a “respectable” lady and finally had the chance of enjoying her tight little body in a hotel room on an unforgettable Saturday night (and more than a few times since!).

We had talked about exhibitionism almost since our first conversations. The idea of theater sex has intrigued her and we actually visited Annabelle's at one point, but she wasn't ready to “take the plunge” at that time. I am glad to report that she found herself quite ready when she finally agreed to let me take her to Charlotte's only adult theater, the CVE of Gastonia, NC.

We went on a Friday night, getting there early enough that I hoped to avoid most of the more aggressive patrons. We went straight to the couples’ theater, which was empty. That was fine. It gave her a chance to relax. As we watched the movie we began to play.

A Video Tour of Annabelles in Winston-Salem, NC

For those of you who can't imagine what the inside of an adult theater looks like, the good folks at Annabelles in Winston-Salem, NC have put together this little video. They walk you through the entire place twice. The first time, all the lights are on to give you a good look.

 You will notice some windows with mini-blinds at the back of the theater. Those are private rooms with lockable doors. Couples use them when they want some privacy, or when they want to give a show but still stay at a safe distance from the crowd. Yes, that is a strippers pole. I have seen it put to good use on more than one occasion. No, there are no strippers, just customers with an exhibitionistic streak! Out back, behind the booths is an enclosed smoking area.

 The second walk through is much darker, which is a more realistic view. That's the way you will find it when you visit. Of course, the store area is always well lit and well staffed.

Frustrating night at Annabelle's in Winston Salem, NC

Annabelle's - Winston Salem, NC
I may very well have spent the strangest night of my life in an adult theater a couple of weeks ago. The scene was Annabelle's, the bookstore/video arcade/theater complex in Winston-Salem, NC.  To borrow a phrase, it was the best of nights, it was the worst of nights.

My date for the evening fell through, and I couldn't get plan B to come through either, but since there is very little to do in Winston-Salem on a Saturday night, I figured I would go solo and run some recon on the place.