Exploring Tokyo Valentino with an Exhibitionist Wife

It always pays to have manners in a porn theater. Always. Be polite. Make eye contact. Use your words. Smile. Trust me, women will notice and it will set you out from the rest of the crowd. Last night my manners, and my ignorance, helped me hit the jackpot in a new location.

Tokyo Valentino in Atlanta is hardly a porn theater, but I was curious about what I had heard and since the Buford Twin has closed, I needed a way to pass a night in the ATL, so I decided to check it out. The building has been recently remodeled. It is nicely done; upscale with a massive retail area that is clearly designed to attract couples. I knew I was heading into a large building, but after wandering through four separate retail areas, I was no closer to finding the adult play area than I was when I walked in.

candida royalle
The real Candida Royalle.
See her movies here.
I was making my second pass through the retail area when I nearly bumped into them. Her long, straight, black hair reminded me of Candida Royalle back in the day. Her dress gave off that 70's vibe, too. It was long. All the way to the floor, but the top was a halter, tied behind her neck and providing both cleavage and side boob exposure. He was a step behind her as we met, coming around one of the tall retail displays.

"Pardon me," I said. "I guess all this stuff has me a little distracted, and a little lost." They chuckled their agreement and we continued on our separate ways. That was it. No extended conversation. No attempt to get to know them. Just simple courtesy. Manners.

As for the ignorance, I finally wandered over to the fairly busy counter and asked the guy about the area I was looking for.  He told me that I actually had to walk back outside, go down the stairs and enter the building through another door. It's marked "video booths" off the back parking lot. I thanked him, turned around, and saw the couple again, standing just a few feet behind me. I nodded toward them, in some unspoken greeting/goodbye, and stepped out into the warm Georgia heat, making my way down the stairs.


Porn (and more) at the Drive-In

There are still a few of them around the country, but most disappeared a long time ago. They were one of the symbols of the new, upscale, mobile lifestyle that seemed to sweep the country after WW II. We were in love with our cars. They were bigger, quieter and flashier than ever. Interstate highways were popping up everywhere, allowing Americans to ride their shiny new machines farther than they had ever gone before. Suburbs became possible, because we no longer had to ride public transportation or walk to work. Motel chains, Kampgrounds, drive-in restaurants and a plethora of other businesses were created to take advantage of our love affair with the automobile. None of them were more iconic than the drive-in movie theater.

Families, nervous kids on their first dates, and veteran neckers alike all found their spots at the drive-in back in the day. These were theaters that showed first run movies, normally as double features. And they had all the amenities: concession stands, playgrounds for the kids and picnic tables to let you enjoy a feast as you ogled Hollywood's best.  Eventually, people got tired of the lousy sound that came through that metal speaker, temperamental weather conditions and screaming kids in the back seat. Bit by bit, the quality of the movies fell off, and soon there weren't enough couples left looking for a cheap place to park to support most drive ins. So, as the 70's wore on, most of them faded away.

Like traditional theaters, a few of them were sold to those who found that they could still turn an easy profit showing porn. One such theater was just outside Spartanburg, South Carolina. I spent a few summers in the 70's as a young man in the sweltering sauna of the Palmetto State. My grandparents lived there, squeezing the last few dollars of profit out of a family farm. I worked during the day, and then worked hard trying to figure out how to stay out of their "parlor" on weeknights, and out of their church on the weekend. At some point, I stumbled over the drive in. It took half the summer before I worked up the nerve to pull in. Fortunately, they weren't overly diligent in checking IDs. As long as I had some pictures of Lincoln and Washington, they were more than happy to let me enjoy the show.


A Little Spanish Pays Off in the Porn Theater

Back in high school, did you ever say, "Why am I studying this? I'm never gonna use it for the rest of my life."? I said it often. I said it about algebra. I said it about ancient history. I said it about Shakespeare. And I said it for two years worth of Spanish classes. I still don't read Shakespeare. Haven't thought about the ancient Greeks (except for the isle of Sapphos) for decades, and I can't remember the last time I solved for X. But I was wrong about Spanish. Over the years, my work has forced me to bring it out from time to time. And a recent visit to Fantasyland 2 in Tampa made me very, very happy that I have some rudimentary skills in EspaƱol.


A Nice Show at the CVE

I had wandered into the CVE, a nice little adult bookstore and theater near Charlotte, North Carolina fairly early on a Friday evening. The place had been getting a nice flow of couples on the weekends and I was nearby and alone so I figured I would see what might unfold.

The usual crowd of guys was hanging around the video games in the booth area. That's never a good sign, although they told me that a couple was just getting settled into the theater. I went straight in and saw them sitting about halfway down on the left side. She was on the aisle, he was to her left. I took a seat on the aisle on the right side, one row ahead of them. For the next ten or fifteen minutes other guys came and went, waiting to see if a show was about to begin.

They sat close, "cuddled" and whispered quietly between themselves as they watched the movie. They kissed occasionally but, for the most part, they kept everything pretty much PG. They were early 40's, perhaps. She was tall, pretty and dressed in a subtly sexual way. Her skirt wasn't short, but it had an amazing slit that caused it to almost disappear when she moved her legs a certain way. Her top was buttoned up, but she was showing a generous amount of cleavage. Her heels were high and she wore sexy stockings rather than pantyhose - a fact confirmed when her slit opened and the skirt fell to either side of those long, crossed legs.

Swapping at the Buford Highway Twin

So the Buford Highway Twin Theater in Doraville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, has closed again. This time it looks like it is for good, as the local laws have made the adult business illegal. The owners are reportedly looking for a new location, but the history that was the Buford Twin has come to a close. I have several good memories of this place. And a few dull ones. Like all theaters, particularly when it comes to the opportunities for a sexual encounter, things at the Buford were always "hit or miss". I lost count of the misses that I experienced there, but the "hits" always kept me coming back.

Of course, bringing your own woman seriously increases your chances for a good time. I have wandered back through some of my archives, and found this account of one of my favorite nights at the Buford. It is as I wrote it many years ago. Edited only for better sense now that some of the particulars of my life have changed.


Wanda Goes Black at the Porn Theater

Long before anyone invented the acronym FWB, Wanda and I were exactly that. We simply called one another fuck-buddies and it was an arrangement that worked well for both of us. Many people we knew assumed we were a couple. And we were – sort of. Much in the same way that a couple of alley cats who sleep under the same tarp most nights are a couple. We did set up house together for a while. Nearly a year, in fact. But even then we both had our own places to retreat to whenever it might have been convenient, and there was no pretense of sexual fidelity. Ours was an open, complicated, relationship. Frankly, for us, it was pretty simple. We liked each other, got along very well and we both loved to fuck. We just never expected the other one to restrict said fucking to our bed.

The great thing about a fuck-buddy like Wanda is that they are excellent co-conspirators. As a result, they can help you arrange things that might not otherwise be possible. For instance, Wanda wanted to rob not one, but two, young men of their manhood at the same time. It wasn’t that hard for me to find willing volunteers for her. Likewise, I long ago checked that “threesome with two sisters” fantasy off my bucket list, thanks to Wanda. So when she told me one night that she wanted nothing but black guys in a semi-public setting, I knew that I would be escorting her to the porn theater.


Tips for Single Women in Porn Theaters

Today I am finishing up a series of posts of guidelines for your porn theater visit. You can read my tips for couples or etiquette for single guys in adult theaters if you'd like, to get a little broader context on things. Today, I turn my attention to a request that I received from Lexi. She said:

I stumbled acrossed your blog by accident, and I love it! I do have one favor to ask, could you post some advice for us ladies that fantasize about giving themselves unto a theater. I've been to my local adult theater to make purchases but have never made it past the store front. I just don't know how to go about it. I would love to go to one just far enough away not to be recognized, but I have no clue what to do next. 

Could you give advice to us ladies that fantasize about giving ourselves over to a theater? I have so many questions.... Is it safe to go on my own? When is a good time to go? How do I know if someone is interested in play? How do I let them know I'm game? How do I set boundaries? 

It would be great if you could address these questions. I do so hope you'll consider it, who knows maybe I'll meet you in a dark theater someday.