Fun Couple in Music City

For those who remember Nashville's "lower Broadway" of the 80's, all the spit and polish of the upgrades the politicians demanded in that part of the city still can't quite wash away the memory of what was. A few of the "honky-tonks" that bring in millions of tourists a year also remember when their neighbors were porn shops, peep booths and live shows behind smudged plexiglass.

In those days lower Broadway is what Printers Alley pretended to be. In that famous alley you could pay too much to watch a few good-looking strippers peel out of the expensive costumes, bumping and grinding in their g-strings. Or you could go a few blocks over and drop a few bucks to watch a girl a finger herself in a dark booth, or play with another girl, or even tickle your pickle through a well-placed hole in the glass. A block to the other side stood an old-style theater, converted to a porn house which played the latest feature in porn's golden age.

As the transition began from film to video, a new little gem opened just off Broadway. Taking advantage of the move to video tape, this place offered tiny viewing rooms where you could watch the flick of your choice. Notebooks at the front counter held the covers of the inventory, and you paged through till you found something that caught your eye. For 5 bucks or so you were directed to your own viewing space - something about the size of a closet with two theater chairs and a television set. It wasn't a bad arrangement in those pre-VHS porn rental days.

I had visited the place on a few occasions. In fact, I remember watching my first porn shot on video here. It was a European production called "Pleasure So Deep" with Barbara Moose and Dominque St. Clair. Fetching women indeed, but I digress.

Slow Weekend in a Chattanooga Porn Theater

I got the chance to drop into Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, TN last night. A fire broke out in the place a few months ago, and they had to close for a bit to remodel. This was my first visit since they reopened. Most of the place seems to be unchanged. The two main theater rooms are just like they used to be. The primary theater is a large room with a dozen rows of old church pews for seating. Running parallel to it is the couple's theater. This is a smaller room with traditional theater seating (not sure who thought that was the best solution for a couples theater) and its own screen. Large windows run for almost the entire length of the wall that adjoins the theaters, giving a nice view of the action inside. The only difference that I noticed in the theater area is that the projection of the movie is larger than the screen causing the image to spill onto the ceiling, the walls and even the first 5 or 6 rows of the seating area.


Hotwife Makes a Morning Visit to Annabelles

With one notable exception, Annabelle's has been a complete bust for me over the last couple of years. I have seen couples there. Lots of them. Some nights more than I can count. But none of them ever do anything to speak of. Occasionally, they'll find a guy or two and head to a private room. One night I heard a lady in the room chatting with her man and (mostly) some guy they had just picked up. She talked for better than two hours. She wasn't trying to turn him on. The conversation wasn't even sexual, except for the few times when she mentioned a theater or gloryhole that they have visited. Even that was in passing. It was mostly two hours of her talking about where they have lived, what states she likes, why Florida is better than North Carolina and a few health related things that I cannot share without violating the HIPAA rules.

That's not all I've seen/heard in the private rooms, of course, but that gives you an idea of the general vibe that I have encountered there. Other times, I have seen couples amble between the theaters and the booths, with some small chance of a guy getting a peek or a blowjob through the gloryhole. Occasionally, I have seen some lap massages - fully clothed - that never seem to go anywhere. Mostly, in recent months, I have seen the door to the "couples theater" close as soon as three or four couples arrive. As much as I would like to tell you otherwise, there are very few "sure things" when it comes to women in porn theaters.

So I'm not even sure why I went in yesterday morning. I'd like to think that it was a hunch, or more smutty senses, or some mystic message from the universe that sent me there. But, honestly, I felt no such unexplainable urge. I was just close, and had some time available at about the worse time of the day. So I pulled in and dropped my money on the counter, already cursing myself for wasting perfectly good cash on a wild goose chase that would yield no results. Obviously, I was wrong, or there would be little point in me writing this.


From the Mailbag - Sticky Seat in Atlanta

I just got this note from a guy who remembers good times in Hotlanta, GA.

There was a couple in Atlanta who used to go to the old Buckhead Arts theater before it closed. The husband would sit behind her and watch while guys played with her tits, pussy, and sometimes ate her. She would blow guys, but I never saw her fuck any. I sat next to him behind her one night and he had me take her dress off, which I did, and handed it to him. A guy was eating her and he told her to raise up high enough so everyone could see her naked tits. She did it, and I was playing with it when he told her to "make some noise... moan louder," so she did that, too. About then I came all over the back of the seat in which she was sitting. She was blonde, good looking, maybe late-30s or early 40s. He told me they were swingers and that she was bi. Damn. Another time there I stroked the top of her head while I jerked off and she blew a guy sitting next to me. God I love hot women like her....

So, have you pasted any furniture in porn theaters, or passed along clothing to waiting husbands? If so, use the form at the bottom of the right column to tell us about it.


Watching Wife Swappers in a Porn Theater

I spent a couple of the summers of my youth in South Carolina. I can't tell you much about Hilton Head or Plantations or the history of the state, because I spent almost all of my days there working under the hot sun on my grandfather's farm, and all of my evenings in three porn theaters (including one drive-in theater) that were fairly nearby. It was an education on many levels. It was there that I learned that more than one "conservative" husband enjoyed seeing their wives fucking in porn theaters. And it was there that I saw my first set of "wife-swappers," as they were still known back in the 70's.

The theater was called "The Flick" and it was located in Greenville. From the outside, it looked like a converted convenience store. Inside, it was clean and housed a fairly decent theater - wider than it was deep - with a real projector and theater seats. I went there with some frequency, just for the porn. After all, I was a young man with natural urges. I was too young for the bar, and the only other possibility for meeting girls was at my grandparents church. I didn't see that as a viable option. The internet didn't exist, and the letters V, H and S still had no meaning. Hardcore porn was limited to theaters and sleazy bookstores, so I spent time in both.

Over the course of my early visits I had been lucky enough to watch a few couples at The Flick. Most just played together, letting the rest of us watch. One chubby mom was more "accommodating".  Again, I was happy just to watch. So that particular night, the sound of high heels coming through the door wasn't a complete surprise. The sounds of two pairs of heels, however, turned all of our heads.


Surprising Pickup Goes All the Way in a Porn Theater

The women I have taken to porn theaters have fallen, generally, into three categories.
  1. Women I have dated, or have been married to, that enjoy porn theater sex as a part of "the lifestyle". These women, for the most part, knew what I was into before our relationships developed.
  2. Women I have met, either in clubs, online or through "swingers' magazines (back in the day) who I generally coaxed along, watching them slowly, but surely, move to the theater scene.
  3. Those that I have met spontaneously and the chemistry was such that we found ourselves in a theater or porn store before I knew much about her.
The largest group, obviously, is 2. The surest group was 1. Those who fall into group three have been few and far between, though their numbers are picking up in recent years. Perhaps I have just learned to qualify my prospects and close the deal a little more efficiently.

Ellie Idol
See more of her here.
None, however, have been as surprising as "Jessica" who I met at the mall last week. No, I don't go trolling at the mall. I was killing time while getting some work done on my car, and met Jessica in the store where she was working. She actually made a joke about the "older guy" stalking at the mall in the middle of a weekday. I liked her sense of humor and we struck up a conversation.  Believe me when I tell you that the last thing I was thinking of was picking her up, or taking her anywhere. Half my age, she's a petite thing with brunette hair, big brown eyes, and an easy smile. Think Zooey Deschanel. Or Ellie Idol, if you prefer.


More Help for Couples in Porn Theaters

I have had a several emails lately asking - essentially - the same questions. They come from couples who have been visiting their local porn theaters and would like to play, but aren't exactly sure how. Some time ago, I posted some Tips for Couples in Porn Theaters, but as I review it now, I see that I focused more on how to control the crowd and to feel comfortable in a theater. The new questions touch on things like:
  • How do I let someone know I am interested?
  • We want to watch other couples, but don't want to be perceived as "creepy stalkers".
  • Do I have to tell them exactly what I want, or can things just sort of develop naturally.
  • What if we want to leave the theater with someone?
You get the idea. So, with that in mind, let me list a few ideas. If you haven't read the other Tips post, check it out for some general background, then come back and pick things up here again.